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Everything You Need To Know About Charging Your Electric Car

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How do you stay mobile with your electric car? Quite simply by charging the battery regularly! How easy it is, what different options are available, what you need to bear in mind, how often it’s best to charge and how much time you should plan for it? Get all the answers here.

The Difference Between Direct Current And Alternating Current

Almost all of our household appliances are powered by alternating current, because this is the current provided by the European grid. However, devices with built-in batteries must be charged with direct current. This includes mobile phones – and also electric cars.

The European electricity grid is based on alternating current because this allows the electrical charge to be transported more efficiently over long distances – the flow of electricity constantly changes direction.

However, the lithium-ion battery in your electric car does not need alternating current, but direct current. Regardless of whether this current comes from a household socket or a wallbox – it must first be converted into direct current inside the vehicle using an on-board charger. And that takes time. Charging is therefore faster at a direct current fast charging station. The alternating current from the mains is converted into direct current and can be fed directly into the battery. Direct current fast charging stations are currently only available in public areas, but you can charge your electric car faster there than at any other power source.

What Are Phases? And Why Are Three Best?
In Europe, electrical energy is distributed via a 3-phase grid, so there are three lines that carry the electrical current. These are called phases. For most household appliances, one phase is sufficient, which is why all conventional household sockets are single-phase.

What Do Kw And Kwh Stand For?
Kilowatt (kW) describes power output: namely, how much energy you consume or generates in a given moment. In contrast, the kilowatt hour is a measure of the amount of energy that is consumed or generated at a certain power level over a certain period of time.

You Can Charge Your Electric Car Practically Anywhere