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Combo-e Cargo

From €35,095.00 incl. Tax **Price includes SEAI grant

The new Combo-e Cargo blends Opel’s business experience with precision engineering to make a fully-electric commercial vehicle with optimum efficiency and uncompromising e-mobility. Even with its compact profile, the Combo-e Cargo has a capacious cargo volume of 4.4m³, supported by superior cargo management features like the flex cargo load-through system

Class-leading features

Advanced battery
With Combo-e Cargo’s next-gen technology, your business is always ready to go the extra mile. A suite of energy recapture technologies, including Regenerative Braking, mean maximum efficiency and minimum running costs. Every Opel electric vehicle comes with a battery guarantee for 8 years or 160,000 km for 70% of its charge capacity.

Noise free
Combo-e Cargo is not only engineered to help keep your business running seamlessly, but to make every journey just as smooth. The virtually silent electric engine means that Combo-e Cargo is not only emission-free but has zero-noise pollution, too. Meanwhile, the cabin’s noise-insulation ensures a relaxed and comfortable driving experience.

Driving modes
Opel knows that the key to business success is using the right tool for the job. That’s why Combo-e Cargo’s Drive Mode Selector gives you even greater control over vehicle handling, range and running costs. The driver can select POWER for maximum performance and comfort with heavy loads, NORMAL for a drive balanced between performance and efficiency, and ECO for maximum range and energy efficiency.

Charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes
Combo-e Cargo features a high-energy density 50kWh 18-module battery that can charge from empty up to 80% of maximum range in 30 minutes at any commercial or public 100kW charger. Engineered for versatility, the 7.4kW or enhanced 11kW on-board charger provides simple, convenient and fast range extension whenever you need it.

Vehicle data monitoring
Combo-e Cargo’s sophisticated sensors and Vehicle Data Monitoring systems gives you a detailed overview and projection of driving conditions, range and energy.

Low running costs
As concerns grow about air quality in cities, and emissions-free zones in urban areas become common, electric commercial vehicles are increasingly essential for cost-efficient business. Combo-e Cargo means freedom from fluctuating fuel prices and full-rate vehicle taxes, plus extremely competitive operating costs and state-sponsored purchase incentives.