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Grandland Electric Plug-in Hybrid
From € 47,995.00
Forget typical. This is grand. There’s nothing typical about the new Opel Grandland Hybrid with its bold new design, iconic Vizor, detoxed interior with an all-digital Pure Panel display, state-of-the-art powertrains and innovative features such as night vison and IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light

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There’s nothing typical about Grandland

Engineered to be efficient
Forget what you know about plug-in hybrids because the Grandland Hybrid is everything but typical – its state-of-the-art hybrid technology gets you further on electric alone, reducing your exhaust emissions to zero, for longer. Charge it daily to make the most out of the plug-in hybrid technology.

One charge daily
There’s nothing typical about this hybrid, because the Grandland Hybrid makes charging simple – whether at home using a standard cable or Wallbox, or at any AC public station, recharging is always fast and efficient.

Electric pays off
The government subsidising your purchase or lease of a Grandland Hybrid is another not so typical benefit of switching to Opel electric. That, and the financial support you receive for your wall box as well.