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New Astra Hatchback Hybrid
From €48,195.00
The very first compact plug-in hybrid from Opel entirely designed, engineered and built in Germany. Experience an outstanding drive everyday with muscular style and class-leading technology. Discover the next-gen fully digital Pure Panel® with widescreens and intuitive controls. The Opel Astra Hybrid is unlike any car that has come before it, and leads the way into a new simply electric era with ultra-low emissions.

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Engineered to be efficient
The Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid sets a new standard for efficiency in the compact class. A low-friction engine works together with a powerful electric motor for cleaner, smoother and more fuel-efficient driving dynamics in all conditions. Go anywhere, with unrestricted access to Emission Free Driving zones, all while getting the benefits of significantly lower vehicle tax.

Easy to charge
Opel’s advanced fast-charge technology enables Astra Plug-In Hybrid to charge up quickly from your own home connection or from publicly available charge-points while on longer journeys. Opel’s versatile charging solutions and technologies makes it easy to stay topped-up, so you’re always ready for the next adventure.

Electric pays off
There are multiple subsidy and bonus incentive schemes for getting into an Astra Plug-In Hybrid, such as financial support for setting up your home wall-box charger. Yet another not-so-typical benefit of switching to Opel electric.