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New Astra Hatchback
From €29,695.00

The bold, pure next-gen Opel Astra is here
Precision engineering designed and produced in Germany means you get the best of everything. There’s no need to compromise to get a thrilling drive everyday, stylish looks, low running costs and innovative technology. A dynamic range of low-friction turbo-charged powertrains in petrol and high-efficiency diesel coupled with exceptionally smooth, sophisticated transmissions create a surprisingly responsive driving character. Get ready to go further with the new generation of Astra.


Inside the next generation
Get ready to see and be seen in bold, pure progressive German design inlcuding the striking new Opel Vizor. Sharp and distinctive, these are looks that will get you noticed with a musular stance full of attitude. Isn’t it about time to drive a car that you truly want, not just one you need? This is the new Astra.

Boldy stands out
Our advanced fast-charge technology enables Combo-e Life to power up to 80% optimum range in a little over 30 minutes1, and with Opel’s versatile charging solutions for daily trips and longer distances you’re always ready for the next adventure. Find out more here

The new Opel Astra
When German engineering meets bold design the result is pure driving pleasure. The new Opel Astra’s handling is both balanced and thrillingly dynamic. Opel DNA makes Astra uniquely ‘Autobahn-proof’ with high-speed stability, peerless safety standards, and a suite of cutting-edge driving technology.